Thru-Hiking Dreams – Georgia, March 2012

Been a while since I’ve been on the trail…

Work afforded me an opportunity to travel to Georgia. I planned my Georgia hike this year around this trip changing my usual Memorial Day trip into a late March trip. I took a vacation day on Friday and arranged a shuttle from Neels Gap to Unicoi Gap in preparation. Plans changed for the work trip moving things up a day, but I rearranged my hike to accommodate without changing my shuttle. Continue reading

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New AT Progress Movie

I have created a new movie of my Appalachian Trail hikes over the past few years.

You can watch the movie on YouTube or Google Plus

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Another 200 miles in 2011

For the 2nd year in a row I set a 200 mile goal for Appalachian Trail hiking. I was able to finish up my hiking for the year on a trip to Roanoke on Dec 26th. I would be hiking on a section connecting with the first section I hiked in the spring along the Blue Ridge Parkway at Taylor’s Mountain Overlook. My hike would take me from the overlook to the Wilson Creek Shelter and back.  Continue reading

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Max Patch

Max Patch Mountain has been one of the places I have wanted to hike for quite a while now. The location – west of Asheville, NC -has been out of my normal day hiking range due to the driving time. The Thanksgiving weekend afforded an opportunity to do an overnight hike with Tommy and this seemed like the perfect place. The weather forecast promised “sunny and delightful” with highs of 65F and lows in the 30s. This was going to be a great trip. We would park at the Max Patch trailhead and head northbound to our turn-around point at Lemon Gap. Continue reading

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My friend Brandon asked me a couple of weeks ago if he could go on an overnight trip with me on the AT. We planned to take the trip during the last weekend of October, hiking from VA42 in Rich Valley near Ceres, VA to the Southwest VA Settler’s Museum on VA 615 near Atkins, VA. The journey would be over 14.5 miles with 2 good sized mountains to cross on the trip. We planned to camp at the Davis Path Campsite on Little Brushy (Gullion) Mountain at the site of the old Davis Path Shelter. Continue reading

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A Very Cold October Weekend

I set out to tackle another section of the AT in Virginia during the 1st weekend of October. The section I chose was going to be from VA 42 to FS 222, crossing over Brushy and Lynn Camp Mountains. After finishing this section, I was going to hike the section from VA42 to the crest of Big Walker Mountain.

The weather forecast for the weekend promised cool temps with a chance of scattered showers. I did not expect what awaited me on the trail. Being a good scout – I followed the motto “Be Prepared”. It would pay off by the end of the weekend. Continue reading

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A Visit to Harpers Ferry – 9/12/11

I am in this part of West Virginia for work this week. I arrived at the hotel early in the afternoon and took the opportunity to see Harpers Ferry while I was in the area. I parked at the lot at US340 and Shenandoah St. – This lot is part of the National Historic Park and costs $6 to park the car – this fee covers 3 days, but the parking lot does close after dark.

I headed north on the AT at the road intersection and headed toward town. A short way down the trail there is a blue blaze side trail that leads to the ATC headquarters. This is a pretty cool place and worth the side trip to visit. I looked around the museum shop and got a AT magnet for my car. Continue reading

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